Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Smiling Swordfish!

The JENNY Caribbean 300 is what is often referred to as a re edition - that being a new watch released by the same company - but based on an earlier design.

Courtesy of JENNY

Now one possible difference is the logo in use, as I believe that the original logo was the "JENNY FISH" which now is closely tied to the modern DOXA SUB - also produced by the Jenny family ; )

So owing to that, a different symbol was brought into place -

Which I have to say I'm kinda' digging!  Readers out there with more definitive information on the origin of the Swordfish logo currently doing "pr" work for JENNY watches, please drop me a line!

The JENNY Caribbean has been running flawlessly, with no major deviations to speak of.  I'll get more into that tomorrow.

Stay tuned -

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