Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Tourbillon Oculus Petite Minute

From Ateliers deMonaco
Courtesy of Ateliers deMonaco 
And sorry sports fans, but I am literally on the ragged edge of exhaustion - so you're getting the release just as I received it -

Independent premium watch manufacturer based in Monaco. Inspired by the people, scenery and creative heritage of Monaco, the brand targets a new generation with Nouvelle Horlogerie by creating iconic timepieces that are derived from their passion to challenge existing conventions to leave a legacy: “We have always dreamt about making a mechanical watch movement that is the most precise in the world and will keep generations of scientists busy trying to figure out how we did it !” With their core belief in mind that life is not about luxury, but luxury sure is life, Ateliers deMonaco is proud to design & manufactures their watches and its movements completely in-house, while most parts are produced either by themselves or by specialized Swiss subcontractors, a guarantee for the highest quality.
Five years ago, Ateliers deMonaco proudly announced the launch of its in house developed Grand Tourbillon Xtreme Precision, regulated to have a tolerance between 0-2 seconds/24H, and making it one of the most precise Tourbillons in the world!
To commemorate and celebrate this milestone, we will enhance our line-up this year with a new and visually equally impact full member in our Tourbillon family: the Grand Tourbillion Xtreme Precision Oculus Petite Minute.
An oculus denotes a circular opening in an otherwise solid dome or wall originating out of the Byzantine and neoclassical architecture that allowed light to come through and subsequently would naturally draw the attention to this opening of light. It is also known as an “oeil de boeuf” in French or simply a “bull’s-eye“. Given the sapphire bridge holds our 60 seconds Tourbillon’s cage as the bull’s eye of the further solid and more classical looking CĂ´tes de Geneve decorated dial, we only felt it natural to call this our Oculus!
Furthermore, now we finalized the consolidation of our supply chain and manufacturing in our new state-ofthe- art Atelier located in Geneva Switzerland, we have been able to improve both efficiencies as well as further strengthen and safeguard all quality aspects, culminating in the label “Swiss Made” that all our timepieces will be proudly carrying as of now.
Ateliers deMonaco’s Oculus Petite Minute is powered by its own in-house developed and patented Xtreme Precision Tourbillon movement. This movement encapsulates an unique hybrid between the craftsmanship from the past and the precision and technology of the future, delivering one of the most accurate Tourbillon movements in the world today.
.Unique case design - 33 components to allow for contrasting handfinishing, blend of titanium and 18K gold with recognizable convex lines
.In-house developed, Manufactured and patented Innovation
.Perfect balance cage to bring gravity point of all 80 components exactly to the centre.
.Use of Silicium and precise manufacturing methodology like LIGA and DRIE for 10 times higher accuracy, all leading to a regulation of 0 / +2 seconds per 24H for every time piece.
.Sapphire bridge thanks to the latest laser cutting technology, enabling production while allowig for double sides anti-reflection.
.The iconic 18K gold Rotor with unique ATELIERS DEMONACO shield, hand guilloché finishing, decorated front & back

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