Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Best of Intentions...

I won't try to deceive you, I went to Switzerland with a mission, to buy ONE Swatch Sistem51

I decided I should take care of it early in the trip, so I found myself at the SWATCH store in Lugano, spent a few minutes and pulled the trigger.  Blue, to remind me of my long since departed SWATCH Calypso Diver.
But then I spent time around BaselWorld.  And I have to tell you, the Sistem51 was EVERYWHERE! Magazine publishers, journalists, bloggers, store owners, buyers - EVERYONE was wearing AT LEAST one!

So I headed back to the Zurich airport to catch my flight to LA.  And there it was in the SWATCH boutique - the RED!  So after about a 30 second internal debate, I went to the well again!

And that is the beauty of SWATCH, it's not like trying to decide between yellow or rose gold ; )

And if you have ANY doubt as to the popularity of these new models… 5 of these were sold in the 10 minutes I was in the boutique, not counting the one that I bought ; )

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