Monday, April 28, 2014

Techné on RocketHub

This just in from Techné -
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On April 16th, Techné started accepting pre-orders for the new SparrowHawk II Eco through RocketHub.

After a long development process that left collectors on the edge of their seats, Techné is proud to announce the upcoming release of their SparrowHawk II Eco (5 year battery), Reference 477. Early backers get the chance to book this great watch at an amazing price, and the first orders will start shipping by mid-July 2014.

The brand is currently accepting pre-orders for this new model through RocketHub, and the project already raised 29% of the USD 10,000 goal within the first two weeks.

Link to the project's page at RocketHub:
Using the same casing design as the SparrowHawk II from 2011, the Ref. 477 Eco sees the VK63 calibre from Seiko Instruments replaced by the 0S20 from Miyota/Citizen Holdings. The main difference will be the loss of 1/5 s indication on the central chrono hand to the benefit of a 2 year increase in battery life.

Left, VK63 from Seiko Instruments. Right, 0S20 from Miyota/Citizen Holdings.

About Techné

TECHNÉ InstrumentsThe word techné comes from the Ancient Greekτέχνη, which translates to craftsmanship or craft,"the rational method involved in producing an object through art".
Since 2009, Techné Instruments has been designing and assembling affordable and dependable ISO-certified timepieces designed for professionals and horological enthusiasts. Techné watches are worn by personnel of the United States Special Operations Command, and the brand popularity reaches forums and style-savvy blogs across 4 continents.

About RocketHub

RocketHub is the world’s crowdfunding machine. The site supports a diverse funding ecosystem for art, science, business, and social projects. Forbes ranked it one of the top crowdfunding websites.

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