Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Negoro Timepiece

This is the latest from Martin Pauli at Angular Momentum
Courtesy of Angular Momentum/Manu Propria
Here is the scoop straight from Martin -

After having created a collection of fountain pens finished with Negoro Nuri - red and black urushi lacquer - I have now released a small serial of Negoro Timepieces.     
Courtesy of Angular Momentum
Negoro Mono (Negoro objects) have long been appreciated by connoisseurs for their beauty, sturdiness and simplicity.     
Courtesy of Angular Momentum
These characteristics are reflected in my new Negoro Timepieces.  Sturdily manufactured from high quality 1.4435NcU Staybrite steel and sapphire crystal and driven by a reliable historical hand-winding movement.      

Simplicity reflected by its reduced time display based on only a revolving hour disk lacquered in Negoro Nuri technique. The numbers and indexes "à Souscription" are printed in glossy black lacquer, almost hidden but still easy to be read.

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