Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting Personal

Writing a blog is a funny thing. At a lunch on Sunday a group of "alleged experts" sat around the table discussing why we do what we do. Most of us happily ensconced in a relationship, to the best of our knowledge, no blatant signs of mental illness… and most of us do this for the princely sum of $0 a day. In short, we do it because we love it.

And it is people like Lisa Delane of Tigerlily Skye PR (handling PR for a few brands but most pertinent to me Graham and Arnold & Son), and Samir Shah who represents Graham and Arnold & Son in North America -

As you can imagine, it is not actually all that easy to ask people for money ; )  But in both of these instances I was asked by people (Lisa & Samir) if they could participate in the Tempus Fugit Initiative to support the International Anti Poaching Foundation, and moreover in Lisa's case I have received unbelievable support in spreading the word.  Thank you!

Watches are fun, don't get me wrong.  But behind (and in front) of all the watches we love are people - sometimes some pretty fantastic ones!

It has nearly been four years of writing this little "bloggy-wog" and I have met some pretty great people, and that experience has far exceeded the amazing watches, pens and accessories I have seen.  They are wonderful things, but ultimately that is all they are - things, not people.

And after all, it should be about people.

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