Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Get Emotionally Attached...

I think if there was a "training book" for writing about and reviewing watches, this would be the very first lesson that would be imparted.  When I worked at Tourneau, one of the big-wig training guys was out to train our rag-tag San Francisco bunch.  And he told me flat out - "I worry about you".

He could see the glint in my eye, like Chet Baker before me, I fell in love too easily…

Courtesy of Bell & Ross
But I don't think you could really blame me.  I reviewed this watch some months back, but it is still haunting me.  This wonderful Bell & Ross chronograph.
I saw all of the treasures of the BaselWorld specialties - and they were really something to be sure… but the BR 126 Officer Chronograph, is a bit like that first love.  Like that summer when you were 15. When you are 15 you are wide open, anxious, shy, bold, self-assured and terrified all in the same go.  You know her, you've known her since kindergarten.  It doesn't occur to you until you are moments from asking her out.

You go out to the movies, you watch Raiders of the Lost Ark - for about the fifth time, but it's a small town and only one movie theater.  She let's you hold her hand, and as awkward teenagers, you kiss each other like there's no tomorrow as you say goodnight.  And like so many teen-aged infatuations, it is over almost before it started.  She doesn't mean to wound you, to leave you with such memories that you don't think you can get over her, that you don't want to get over … and at 15 years old, why would you want to ; )

Love is a fickle thing sometimes, it is typically not logical.  Logic would tell you - fall in love with a Rolex.  Sturdy, dependable, a good provider.  Or your aunt, who was always a bit more of a free spirit might point you to something totally unrealistic - "beyond your means, but you'll have it forever"… and your credit line is consumed and fed to JLC for that intriguing Reverso that you couldn't live without, and dammit - you just couldn't wait for.  I mean, what are credit cards for?

But I view this little chronographic bijoux as something that will not break your piggy bank, but is also not a dime a dozen.  It is something to want, to pursue, to make modest accommodations for.

I have spent 2 weeks with her, and I can assure you, she is worth it.  She will not break you, and she will be with you for the long haul.

True love is like that.

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  1. This is such a gorgeous watch it is hard to believe it's real. The design team over at Bell & Ross better be getting big bonuses this year.