Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alarming News from DOXA!

Okay, sorry, I couldn't resist the low-hanging fruit ; )
Courtesy of DOXA
I am a sucker for an alarm watch.  There is something to be said the assurance that you will not oversleep and miss your early morning flight back home.
It is DOXA's 125 birthday, and my former employer released some very, very interesting pieces this year to commemorate this milestone.

The first I will share is part of what DOXA has named the VINTAGE FUSION collection.  Essentially pieces from the past that have been not just revived, but truly revisited and reworked.

This is the VINTAGE FUSION Alarm.  It measures 42 mm in diameter and has a vintage A. Schild movement from the 1970s under the hood that has been taken apart, serviced and rebuilt.  This will be limited to 100 pieces worldwide and will be available in either stainless steel or stainless steel with a rose gold pvd finish.  And word around the campfire is that it will be available for direct purchase through the DOXA online store!

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