Monday, March 24, 2014

The Pleasure of Waiting Patiently - RELIEVED!

So often we go for quick, even instant gratification.  In many ways, that is what the SWATCH was originally made for.  Well, not exactly for me.  In 1985 a Northern Youth, recently encouraged to leave home, scraped together the $45 to buy a SWATCH.  It was the Calypso Diver.  I spent nearly a month saving the extra's from my job at Selenti's Pizza to pay for it.  I went to school, then soccer practice, then work to - well pay the rent among other things, then my "luxury apartment" where I struggled through Trigonometry and other less daunting subjects until 2:00 AM.  Only to get up at 7:00 AM so I could do the whole thing over again.  In many ways, that SWATCH was a first kiss - a first taste of freedom.  But it also taught me that no matter how bad things got I could still make it on my own.

Well, today in Lugano I was re-acquainted with what I will consider the "grown-up" version of that SWATCH - the SISTEM51.  ONLY available in Switzerland, and then ONLY available through the SWATCH Store.  I've been dreaming about this one!

So welcome to BaselWeek Pals and Gals - and make it a special, memorable one!

Henki, checking in from Lugano.  More tomorrow!

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