Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pride Can Hurt You

Okay, we've been riding a bit of a "love fest" on Tempus Fugit - and nothing wrong with that ; )
But I made the commitment to call them like I see them, and here goes -

Word has filtered down to me from those higher up the food chain of the watch cognoscenti that John Mayer might have been duped by the "watch broker" to the stars.

Long story short, John Mayer utilized the services of a "broker" to research and secure several  vintage Rolex watches for his collection.  When Mr. Mayer went to Rolex to have his watches serviced, he was informed that enough "content' of his watches was deemed by Rolex to be "faux" that the watches themselves could only be viewed as well, yes… faux.

Needless to say, words were exchanged, some monies were refunded, and then even more of Mr. Mayer's collection was deemed to be "lacking".  And then he decided that he didn't just want a refund… he wanted, well,  more.

Now all of that aside, let me say this -
It is hard to view this as a legal action against someone selling a slightly "goosed-up" watch, be it intentional or an honest mistake.  It seems to be about pride, about the belief that you are an expert, about being viewed by many as a celebrity expert, and then realizing that the person you counted on to validate your expertise was less than what you thought he was.  And far less than what you paid him for.

I think my gripe is this - Mr. Mayer gets a LOT of press play for his knowledge of vintage watches - and a lot of that I think is very justified.  He is interested, he is engaged.  But in reading stories and interviews where he in some instances really mocks people who make honest mistakes in appraising a potential purchase… well, I will just say that sometimes you can know A LOT, and it is still not everything.  I am sorry for his frustration.  But I would ask him to please remember this moment in time where it became clear to many, that even a judge at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève is not immune, and certainly not infallible.  We are all human.  And sometimes we just want to believe.

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