Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who Do You Love?

So tonight (at least it is night in Santa Barbara), I'm going to take some personal liberty.  Someone from my high school days asked me what watch brand did I hold in the highest regard.  I was stumped - to some extent the same way I am now.  But I can answer the question -

I love the Vulcain Cricket.  Not just any Vulcain, as there have been multiple flavors.  I love the Vulcain Cricket of the "between time".  I love the Vulcain Cricket that was produced and sold by the Paajanen family in Helsinki, Finland in the 90s/ early 2000s.

I love the watches made by GoS Watches.  And point of clarification, I represent GoS watches in North America - but I do so because I respect and admire what they do.

ochs und junior.  Yes, clearly fame is the spur that drives an entrepreneur, but yet and still even though I am smaller than Hodinkee, and Monochrome, I am glad to say that for a brief moment in time (now clearly passed) Tempus Fugit was on ochs und junior's radar.  Fun while it lasted.  I wish them well.  And with the big boys covering them, they should be ready (at least media-wise) to move forward

I love Angular Momentum/Manu Propria - there is something indeed to be said about possessing a beautiful object that is truly "hand made".  Martin is a master.

And something I will say while admitting from the outset - I will never (unless something either terribly tragic, or monumentally wonderful happens) be able to afford one of their wonderful watches - Audemars Piguet.  They are singularly perfect.

So pals and gals, let's try to understand that if you go out of your way to buy a watch - because you LOVE watches - then wear the damn thing.  And wear it and enjoy it because it speaks to you personally.  So many wonderful Seikos, Midos, Poljots and that enigmatic chronograph from Seagull.  We live in a false reality that tells us it must be Patek or Jaeger or whatever… and that is nonsense.  Do you love your watch/watches?  Then enough said.

I own, literally, a handful of watches.  And the ones that I own, they all mean something.  To quote one of basketball's most "quotable" people…
"After everything's been said and done, there's nothing left to say or do!"  Buy and wear what you love, not what you feel you should own and love.

See you on Planet Love-Tron ; )

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