Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Kuro Negoro Shiage" Fountain Pen from Manu Propria

It must be great to have the talent to express your creativity!  This is the latest offering from Manu Propria's collection of fountain pens.

Courtesy of Manu Propria
Here are the details, straight from Bern -

Manu Propria has extended its Fountain Pen Collection with a new lacquer technique called "Kuro Negoro Shiage"

Fountain Pen - Kuro Negoro Shiage, Jumbo Tank

Cap:               Length 82.00 mm, diameter 19.00 mm
Barrel:            Lenght 165.00 cm, diameter 18.00 mm
Capped:        Length 200.00 mm
Weight:          59.00 gr

Materials:      Black Ebonite
Feeding:        Eye dropper 10 mm jumbo tank

Manufacturing Process
Body:            Hand made from solid Ebonite
Nib:               Made by Bock Germany

Body Finish:  An urushi-technique called „kuro negoro nuri“ black lacquer is applied on red lacquer base. Then the black lacquer is polished to let the red under coat shine through. After several applications of transparent lacquer the surface is very hard polished "roiro shiage"

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