Friday, February 14, 2014

In Berlin, by the Wall...

There stood four beautiful new NOMOS Tetras, 29.5 mm tall ; )
Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte
This is the brand-spanking-new Berlin Tetra set from NOMOS Glashutte.

Four different versions are available, three with α (Alpha)—NOMOS caliber with manual winding movement, and a fourth with the DUW 4301—NOMOS caliber with power reserve indicator.

First up is the Tetra Nachtijall -
Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte
Dark blue's not your thing?  Don't worry - there is also the Clärchen.  Like the Nachtijall
it has a beautiful lacquered dial.  

Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte
Or perhaps you are after something with a wee bit more restraint "palette-wise"?  The Goldelse 
is also an option, with a galvanized dial.
Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte
But perhaps you are after something with an added feature - like a power reserve indicator?

Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte

While the folks at NOMOS Glashutte refer to this as turquoise in color, I find it to be pleasantly reminiscent of pistachio.

“Berliner Mischung”—
the Berlin set from Glashütte: Kleene, Goldelse, Clärchen and Nachtijall

Movement: α (Alpha)—NOMOS caliber with manual winding;
Kleene: DUW 4301—NOMOS caliber with power reserve indicator

Case: stainless steel, bipartite; size 29.5 mm by 29.5 mm; sapphire crystal glass; sapphire crystal glass back, height 6.3 mm; fixed with four screws
Dial: Clärchen and Nachtijall: lacquered; Goldelse: galvanized; Kleene: lacquered, power reserve indicator gold-plated
Hands: gold-plated
Water-resistant: to 3 atm
Strap: velour gray
Reference number: Clärchen: 489; Nachtijall: 490; Goldelse: 491; Kleene: 492 

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