Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Little More Family History

So a friendly reader asked for a photo of my father's (now my) MIDO watch, and here it is.

It will be 46 years old this July!

It is a hard thing to put sentiment into words.  It is often unreasonable, and nearly always inexplicable.  It is not unlike trying to explain what happiness FEELS like.

And from my Tourneau days, I know that there is often that type of bond that is accidentally formed between a family and a watch brand.  And that is where I sometimes find myself with MIDO.  The time between 2000 and now has been one of uncertainty.  But seeing the new pieces in the collection, I feel like MIDO has created something that is at once modern but respectful to the past.  What does it feel like?  Like talking with that favorite relative after too long a time.  Reassuring and exciting at once.

Keep it up MIDO!

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