Monday, January 27, 2014

The Polio Watch - It's Time to Act

I'm a pain in the ass.  For most of the PR/Marketing folks in the watch and pen industry this does not come as a surprise.

Courtesy of Polio Watch
So therefore it is always a pleasant surprise to see a watch company that makes a sensible, USEFUL donation.

But what about a watch that is created with the SPECIFIC GOAL of raising money for a charitable cause?  Well, for the 2% of you out there who don't regularly read Monochrome, here is the story -

Rotary International and Time to Act have teamed up to help end Polio.  The idea is pretty simple, a watch that has been created and will be sold to raise money for Polio vaccines.  There will be a series of 5 watches, each with a different design contributed by a noted designer.  The first of these is from Marc Alfieri.  The packaging is designed to ultimately hold all 5 examples of the series -

Courtesy of Polio Watch

The dial of the watch will keep you constantly updated on the progress of the initiative behind this watch, you will notice a sort of "gauge" as well as a "globe".  The ultimate goal of the watch is to raise $500,000,000.00  That is not exactly chump change, but I also think that you need to set bold targets, and not be afraid to go for it.  And the dial of the watch (the gauge and the globe) are connected via a bluetooth application that will keep the gauge updated showing the progress of the initiative, and the globe will move from clouded (i.e. the existence of Polio), to reveal a clear globe - i.e. Polio free.

So Pals and Gals - I'm on board and have reserved mine with one of the supporting firms - Edelberg.  Who is with me?

If you are ready to put your money where your mouth is and stop sitting on the sidelines bitching about the world's problems, and actually commit something to try and solve them, then go to this site and reserve your watch now -

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