Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Foster Child of the Watch Industry

So it would seem that after "Mommy and Daddy's" divorce, Hanhart have been "taken in" by "Grandma and Grandpa".  Word around the campfire (as yet to be officially confirmed), is that all operations have shifted from Switzerland and now are officially running as a semi-shadow operation in Germany.

So, let's wait and see.  Hanhart deserved much better than it got.  It deserved to be run with a bit less arrogance, it deserved to be better represented by its distributors.  And the fans of Hanhart deserved one HELL of a lot better than what they got - essentially indifference.  And the retail partners have numerous "I got hosed" stories to share, so it seems like it was an equal opportunity ass-up.

Now at the risk of stereotyping, German companies are not world-renowned for their "warm fuzzies", but perhaps now is the time.  Maybe, just maybe Hanhart is finally going to get the opportunity to be more than just a play thing for squabbling millionaires and lackadaisical distributors.  I would like to see something more, I would like to think that there could be a better fate.  I for one am hoping.

Hey - you over there at Hanhart Germany - Are you listening?

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