Friday, January 17, 2014

That's Lepine, Mon Frere!

We don't really think about pocket watches too much these days, and when we do, it is usually something we inherited.
Courtesy of Patek Philippe
But pals and gals this is nice, new, dare I say modern.

This is the 972/1J-010 - Yellow Gold.  Granted not the sexiest name, but then again, a pretty darned sexy watch for your pocket ; )

So here are the details -

About the movement?

Courtesy of Patek Philippe
  • Manual winding
  • Caliber 17''' LEP PS IRM
  • Movement for open-face pocket watches
  • Power reserve: Min. 36 hours
  • Diameter: 38.65 mm
  • Height: 3.8 mm
  • Jewels: 20
  • Bridges: 7
  • Parts: 158
  • Balance: with screws
  • Vibrations/hour: 18 000 (2.5 Hz)
  • Spiral: Breguet
The case is yellow gold, measuring 44 mm in diameter.  That's right, about the size of that hockey puck on your wrist ; )

Don't get me wrong, my eyes are getting older, and I appreciate something legible, but this sort of puts things into perspective.

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