Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something I Didn't Expect from Gucci

So today Wendy and I hopped in the buggy and made our way down to Los Angeles and the Grammy Museum as apparently I am part of the "Horological 4th Estate".  And the event was a private concert with Janelle Monáe.  Now watches were involved, and it was nice, great food, etc. and I will write more about that tomorrow.  
Courtesy of Gucci
But back to the surprise.  Two very special guest groups were announced - one was Make a Wish, and another was an incredibly engaged and enthusiastic group of high school kids from Long Beach.  And yes, that was in itself pretty cool.  Now keep in mind, that this is Gucci, and the Grammy Museum.  They are used to pampering the rich, famous - and humoring the watch flacks like your's truly.

But I saw something really, really wonderful happen.  Although the first section of the hall was reserved for VIPs, members of the Grammy Museum and Gucci were leading the students and the Make a Wisher's to the FRONT of the very small concert hall so that they could have the very best view in the house during Janelle Monáe's wonderful performance.  

So instead of pampering the fat (and slightly overweight) cats who were there, Gucci and the Grammy Museum and Janelle Monáe and her band made sure that these young people were treated to something really, really special.

Here's the thing, I go to a fair amount of "events".  The same group of wealthy guys and girls sucking down free drinks, scarfing snacks, really offering nothing except ego, conceit and flatulence.  The watch press gets so jaded we stop going.  But this was something really, really different.  Really special - and I have to say THANK YOU GUCCI, the Grammy Museum and Janelle Monáe.  Thank you for reminding me that it's not just about the watch, it should be about people.

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