Tuesday, January 14, 2014

JEANRICHARD and Xi'an's Harmony World Watch Centre

This just in from JEANRICHARD -

Courtesy of JEANRICHARD 
Swiss watchmaker JEANRICHARD has opened ist doors at Harmony World Watch Centre in Xi’an, where a press conference was held to celebrate the brand’s appearance in the market. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new JEANRICHARD store in Xi’an Harmony World Watch Centre. The famous actor Xia Yu, a friend of the brand JEANRICHARD, the executive of JEANRICHARD, and the executive of Harmony World Watch Centre, joined the guest and media to celebrate the latest wristwatch concepts from Switzerland.
Courtesy of JEANRICHARD 
JEANRICHARD can trace its history back to the end of the 17th century when its watches were designed by the renowned watchmaker Daniel Jeanrichard. In 2012, the brand returned to the stage and displayed a brand-new image through its newest wristwatch collections. JEANRICHARD can also depend on some impressive support for its future development. The Kering Group (formerly PPR) recently became the majority shareholder of Sowind Group, which owns the JEANRICHARD brand.

This time, JEANRICHARD is coming to Xi’an, the ancient emperor city with over a thousand years of brilliant history. The ancient city, with its complex cultural roots and abundant historical relics and artifacts, reveals its mystery and its countless cultural rhythms. Just as JEANRICHARD, it encourages people to adopt a new way of conceiving time and to embrace the joy of discovery. The Swiss watchmaker’s entry is like a stream flowing through the lengthy wave of the ancient capital’s culture, breathing pure and fresh air into it, and even a new philosophy of life. This is the perfect fusion of an ancient delicacy and a modern classic.

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