Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It Pays to be Original - Long Live the Royal Oak!

Or maybe, it is more accurate to say that it doesn't pay to lack imagination.  By now most of you have digested the news from the Southern District of New York.  Audemars Piguet has successfully brought suit against Swiss Watch International (also known as SWI), and been awarded over 9 million dollars US in damages.  The Royal Oak is a beautiful watch with a legendary history and clear provenance.  The Swiss Legend Trimix Diver, not so much.  While this is not an outright copy/knock off (I mean it did have an SWI dial!), it was felt by many to be not exactly an SWI original creation.  It would seem that the law (at least the Southern District of New York) agrees.

THANK YOU!  Sometimes there seems to be a bit of "moral flexibility" in the watch industry, and it is a little too tempting for some to push the envelope because there oftentimes aren't real consequences.  Hopefully this will help to spread the message.

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