Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fantasy League Watch Brands

So what if you could build a dream team for a watch brand, the same way that you construct your "fantasy football" team?

This would be mine:

In no particular order -

North American Brand Manger - Paul Erhardt
Paul has done amazing things in helping to bring the new JEANRICHARD not just to life, but to relevance.  He would be my go-to guy, period.

Public Relations - Manon Vauthier 
Manon has been the voice of Eterna for several years and I firmly believe that they are the luckiest company in the world to have her.  As a former PR guy I take these things pretty seriously - she is the best, period.  

Marketing - Xavier Markl
Girard-Perregaux, JEANRICHARD - and soon the world.  There is something to be said for restraint in marketing.  Keep in mind, restraint is good.  And any brand with half a brain would want him working for them.

Communications/Messenger - Charris Yadigaroglou
Max Busser & Friends is spoiled.  They have a wonderful leader, they have several talented contributors including Messrs Sarpaneva, Silberstein and Speake-Marin.  But Charris is perhaps the "hidden key" to this.  Hiring Charis would be a coup for any brand, and it wouldn't surprise me if he isn't receiving overtures from the big and mighty.  But then I also suspect that Charris is one of those rare and wonderful people who is not just interested in a paycheck.

Defender of the Realm - Patrik Sj√∂gren
There is something to be said to staying true to your vision.  We all have the tendency to cave, to go for the quick buck, the easy money.  How many of us are able to say that this is my vision?  This is my idea, this is how I want it to be?  This is Patrik.  A man must have a code, and thank goodness there are people like Patrik out there who have a code and stick to it.

The Artist - Vincent Calabrese
The man is a virtuoso.  Self taught, apologizing to no one.  We need more folks like him.

The Designer - Christian Gafner
The designer of the MIH, and the man behind ilmia.  Bright, talented, focused.  Enough said.

The Keeper of the Record - Willy Schweitzer
The Poet Laureate of La Chaux-de-Fonds.  With Dr. Oechslin's retirement from the museum imminent, I can think of no better person to take over.  That is, of course, if GP/JR are willing to part with him.

The Iconoclast - Adrien Choux
A luxury watch made in China?  Well considering that vast portions of your "SWISS MADE" watch bear the same origin, why not embrace the idea?  That is just what Adrien has done.

The Visionary - Rick Marei 
My boss when I was at DOXA.  He saw the future and he shoved it in our faces - in a good way!  Even the mighty Richemont group owes Rick a sincere thank you for opening the doors to LEGITIMATE online watch buying.

The Press - Frank Geelen, Robert-Jan Broer 
Bloggers actually care about what they tell you.  In ten years' time, when Frank and Robert-Jan are publishing books on the industry,  we will realize that we got amazing, fantastic information not from people paid to write full time, but people who wrote full time because they loved it.

The Retailers - Tim Jackson and Javi Perrigo
Tim is the champion of the independent watch maker.  And Mr. Perrigo?  The man who taught me
most of what I know about "Romancing" a watch.  Because ultimately, a watch shouldn't be a purely 
rational decision.  There should be a measure of passion.  Thank you Javier!

The Impresario - too many to name
These are the folks that keep these new brands (and some established ones) still chugging along.

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