Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear SWATCH, We Want the Sistem51!

Courtesy of SWATCH
By that I mean we want it here in the US!

Courtesy of SWATCH

My understanding is that presently these are only available in Switzerland.  I have to be honest, this just makes me want it more.  It's almost like it's forbidden!  So I am saving my pennies, returning empty soda cans for the deposit.  With luck I'll have enough "pin money" to pick up one of these little bijouxs when I land in Zurich, or I'll pop into the SWATCH store in Lucerne before I check into my hotel.  But I AM going to get one, day one.  I've waited nearly a year for this, and now the wait is nearly over.

Stay tuned.

SWATCH, if you're reading this and want to "hook a brother up", you know how to reach me ; )

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