Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Baller

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Originating from a term referring to a very talented basketball player, typically a pro or from "street ball", who lives lavishly--this phrase is commonly used to refer now to anyone who likes to "live large".

And in fairness, we are still living through the hangover of the big ballers of the past 20 years in the watch industry.  And when we think about big ballers, we often let our minds wander to a sexy machine - like a Ferarri.  So it would seem natural, that if we like watches, and we like sexy sports cars, why wouldn't we want a Ferrari watch?!?  

As we are now more firmly into the "Post Biver" era of Hublot, the Hublot/Ferrari partnership rolls onward.We are all familiar with all of the arguments for such partnerships - prestige, the VALUE of the BRAND identity of Ferrari, and of course my favorite - CHINA! They're trying to push more firmly into the Chinese market!  Of course, this little partnership will solve EVERYTHING!

Or not…

First and foremost, it is not exactly a formula that has worked too well for other brands, most recently a tiny little firm - Panerai.  The Ferrari / watch partnership has not been an unqualified success for the watch partners involved.

But it's about exclusivity!  Really?  When we take this into consideration - i.e the "exclusivity" - why, oh why does Movado have a licensing/partnership deal of their own with Ferrari?  Maybe they could also have one with Timex?  Oh, wait, I know, how about Invicta - I mean seeing as we want it to be "EXCLUSIVE" and all, I am sure that exclusivity will really shine through once it hits SHOP NBC!

Here's the thing, I am not denying in any way, shape or form that Ferrari is seductive.  They make beautiful cars, have a storied tradition and if we're very honest, Magnum PI would not have been nearly the same if he drove a Porsche - and certainly not a Corvette ; )

But if you're going to be exclusive...

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