Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Robin - Give Me Something Real

No, not a sidekick for a caped crusader, but a beautiful new home for a vintage movement -

Courtesy of Robert Loomes 
There are quite a few folks out there taking vintage movements and giving them new homes.  But very few of them go to the pains and efforts that Robert Loomes has with the Robin.  And I realize that this is not a new watch out on the market, but for whatever reason it is one that escaped my radar.

So this is step one on my journey to identify, appreciate and encourage everyone to buy independent and local, for those of you who might have missed it, this is the Robin from Robert Loomes.

Courtesy of Robert Loomes 

So what's the big deal?  It's not a big deal, it's a huge deal!  Look at the work on the movement!

Courtesy of Robert Loomes 

The Robin was limited to 100 pieces, and now nearly all of them are gone.  The movement in question is a vintage Smith's movement.  Hand worked and finished it is a masterpiece.

There are plenty of watch makers out there putting together watches with vintage movements, but this again is something different, something special.

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