Sunday, December 1, 2013

Searching for Abraham Lincoln Breguet

So it would seem a few feathers were ruffled with my missive regarding "provenance".  And based on the syntax, grammar and other tell-tales, I suspect the feedback was from the "home team".  But as has been said, sometimes you will make a bit of noise when you shake a cage ; )

But in fairness, it seems that there are very few 100% down home manufacturers out there.  And it seems even less likely that this is going to change anytime soon.  But I do wonder about the folks in other lands.  So I am starting a bit of a watch journey, to check the "vibrations per hour" of watch makers in China, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Japan, France and goodness knows where else.

As it makes sense to be "local", i.e. be knowledgeable about your own backyard, we'll start this discourse in Los Estados Unidos.  Home to RGM, TWF, MWC, and a little start-up that myself and (I think it is safe to say) hundreds of other watch fans both here (US) and around the world are anxiously awaiting their first release.

So stay tuned...

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