Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Swiss Watch for $250!!!


For anyone who dreams of buying a fine "Swiss made watch" brand new, from a certain television network publicizing "shopping from home" - and thinks that they will be buying a "down home" made in Switzerland watch for south of $1,000 - consider this a public service announcement.  You may indeed be getting a watch "knocked together in one of the cantons" for that price.  But nearly every part of that watch - at that price point?  Came from a place where Chinese food is not considered an "exotic" / "ethnic" treat.

Consider this - lunch in Switzerland - nothing too fancy?  $35 US.  Do you really think that if a restaurant can't make wages, etc. based on something lower than $35 US, that the mighty SWISS giants can meet wages for a wrist watch (not a basic lunch) for less than $300?  I will go even further, anything south of $1,000 US - ask to examine the "passport" of the watch in question.  I am not claiming the it won't meet the "heritage" standards as set forth by the latest ruling.  I am saying that as someone who has lived in the US, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Scotland, Portugal and Finland - it might be as "multi-national" as me ; )


  1. So all those Halminton khakis, tissots, mido and others are from china? Sure of that?

  2. Interesting that you mention only SWATCH Group brands! Okay, seriously - Think about what I said, and what you said, I didn't say FROM China, I said that parts are most certainly from point on the globe that neither speak German or French as even a THIRD language. The entire argument of MADE IN SWITZERLAND is that it is, well… MADE IN SWITZERLAND. And I have all the respect in the world for the SWATCH Group, but ask yourself an important question:

    Watch has a suggested retail of $500.00
    This means that the RETAIL PARTNER buys the watch for $250.00

    This means that the distributor usually buys the watch for about 1/3d of that? Meaning even if we are generous and say that a $500 watch is sold by the brand to the distributors for $200 - consider that they are STILL making a profit on this. So again - if lunch cost $35.00, do you really think that your $500 watch was sold by the brand to the distributor for $200 and still done at a profit???

    I am not trying to harsh your mellow, but honestly? Clearly there is "help" coming from outside of Switzerland.