Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Screw Black Friday - Make it RED Everyday!

NOMOS - NOMOS is putting their money where their mouth is.
Courtesy of NOMOS

This is the special edition NOMOS Tangente for Doctors Without Borders.  And for every one of these that is sold, NOMOS is donating a percentage of the proceeds to this very, very worthy endeavor.  Not because the have to, but because they WANT to.

Watch companies out there - you want to know how to impress me?  How to impress us?  Stop giving $20,000 watches away to rich, over privileged movie stars and athletes.  Do something honest, do something sincere.  Do something that actually GIVES BACK!  I do not give one baker's &%$@ about seeing some Hollywood A-lister get a freebie that they will probably never wear again.  I care about a company that cares about others - people who NEED help.  This is SOFT POWER!

This Thanksgiving, give us something to be thankful for, and stop pandering to people who don't even care.


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