Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No to Sochi

A man must have a code.  It is easy to say stuff like that when you write a blog - it is almost too easy to hide behind someone else's bravado.  So here goes -

OMEGA - I am boycotting all coverage of the Sochi Olympics.  I will not cover any portion of it.  I think you are a great company, I love your watches and I will understand if you do not want to send me any more press releases.

BUT - I can't say okay anymore.

I do not agree with what is happening in Russia.  I do not agree with blind endorsement.

I LOVE what you are doing with ORBIS and other organizations.  You have a BIG HEART.  And you make some really amazing watches.  AND you do a lot of wonderful things for charity - PLEASE keep up the good work.  Not covering Sochi is NOT about you.

I realize, this is a small blog, a few people read it.  But I also think that ultimately you have to stand for something.  So I am standing for this.

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