Saturday, November 16, 2013

Embracing the Contagiri

Okay, in fairness, if you are reading this you have more than "one" watch.  So in that spirit, today I thought I'd embrace that idea.  This is the Contagiri from Giuliano Mazzuoli.

Courtesy of Giuliano Mazzuoli

So waaayyyyyy back when (2003 to be exact), Wendy and I were living in San Francisco.  And Francis Z at Seregin's helped convince me to buy a Meister Singer single-hand watch.  And from that time on, I've had an ongoing fascination with single handed watches.

Contagiri is Italian for tachometer.  And the Contagiri does not have a crown, rather it depends upon an alternative system for setting and winding.  Here's the story, straight from the source -

The watch does not use a crown to wind the watch or to set the time. The watch has a lever similar to a “gear shift” and through the lunette of the watch you can carry out the functions usually done through the crown. In the circular aperture the Giuliano Mazzuoli logo marks the position of the gear with number 1 indicating the position to wind the watch, and number 2 indicating the position to set the time.

So embrace the different, embrace the Contagiri.

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