Monday, November 18, 2013

Elvis Has Left the Building…for now

One announcement that you might not have read or received in your "in box", is that Lionel Ladoire has stepped away from Ladoire and is pursuing another passion as a drummer.

So I want to take a moment, and ask everyone reading this to consider the "what ifs".

What if you hadn't become a butcher, baker or candlestick maker... what would you have been?  I myself always fancied myself an architect.  Anyone with access to my algebra grades thanks their own personal gods that this never happened.  I went to high school with truly remarkable young men and women.  And sneered and wondered why the best and the brightest hadn't gone off to Princeton, Harvard or Yale - because I surely would have - had I been one of the best and the brightest.   It is all too easy to judge from a soft, safe and warm point of view - particularly if you weren't as blessed as others.  And because you weren't so blessed, it is all the easier to be judgmental.

I think as watch fans, we suffer from our own presumed "ordinariness", and this, in turn makes us hoist unfair expectations onto the "extraordinariness" onto others.  We presume a lot.  And here's something to consider, I suspect that the CEO of Home Depot probably makes more than the CEO of Tissot - but it is not nearly as sexy, is it?

But if we are all honest with ourselves, let's face some certain facts - it is all too easy to be judgmental when you are not the artist, when you are not the creator.  When you were not similarly blessed.

So, Lionel, I wish you unsurpassed happiness and success.  While selfishly I wish you would come back and make watches, PLEASE - drum like the talented artist that you are.  And if/when you decide to come back and make watches - we will be waiting for you.

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