Friday, October 18, 2013

This Mustard You'll Want to Hold!

Courtesy of the Edison Pen Company
Pens seem to be one of those blind spots for a lot of us.  We think Mont Blanc.  If we are slightly more savvy, we might know about Pelikan and maybe Delta.  Those truly in the know might know about Edelberg, Omas and Visconti.  But it is the work of a fellow "Northern Youth" that has most recently caught my attention.
This is the Glenmont from Edison Pen Company.  The color option known as Mustard Ebonite.  And who is Edison Pen Company?  Well I feel confident that you will be hearing more and more about them.  The basics:

Based not too far down the road from my hometown of Oberlin, they operate out of Milan, Ohio.

Headed up by Brian Gray, Edison is making pens one by one, and very offering custom work for their individual customers.

Check them out!

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