Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Sonnet Can't Fail!

Courtesy of Parker
It is hard for me to get my head around the fact that 1994 is nearly 20 years ago!  It is clear that I have reached that "magical" age where the passage of time increases at a very unreasonable rate.  I SWORE I would never be like the "tragic" parents of the 1970s who kept sadly clinging to the past, watching Sha-Na-Na on Saturday nights!  And then while I was checking my iPhone this morning, it revealed that in fact I have become that "tragic adult"- I had to acknowledge that there is an embarrassment of "vintage"music in my iTunes.  But what can I say, "Rudy Can't Fail"!

I have a soft spot for that time, when with my Walkman filling my ears with 80's goodness, I rode the rails of Japan - going back and forth to various teaching jobs.  And it was on one of these rides I was introduced to this pen from Parker - or at least an earlier version.  The interior walls of the trains were the perfect billboards for advertising.  And the 90's version of this pen rode the rails with me as it was one of the Sonnet pens that Parker was promoting to the metro Tokyo area on the JR Line.

Don't think that advertising like that works?  Guess again, I became somewhat obsessed...
But lucky me, Wendy presented me with a beautiful blue marbled version of the Sonnet on our first anniversary.

I think it says a lot when a company can introduce a product that stands the test of time like this!  It is as  strong a design as it was then - and I am still drawn to it.

This Parker Sonnet is known as the Ciselé Sterling Silver, and here are the vital statistics -

Sonnet Ciselé Sterling Silver GT
Blue ink
Ink Color
Gold plated trims
Trims Metal
Sterling Silver
Cap Material
18K Gold two tone
Nib Material
The Finish
Cap and barrel in precious sterling silver with a soft and tactile sensation enhanced by a cross-hatch pattern with delicate black lacquer lines.
The Trim
23 carat gold plated.
The Nib
Solid gold nib for the ultimate in writing comfort and high precision lines. Hand polished and manually assembled to ensure flawless quality. Stamped with 18K-750 solid gold and goldsmith's hallmarks.

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