Thursday, October 31, 2013

The DEVON Tread 2 has Arrived

After a great success at BaselWorld, the new DEVON Tread 2 has begun shipping to its various retail partners around the world!
Courtesy of DEVON

Here are the details -

American timepiece manufacturer DEVON is pleased to announce that its highly anticipated Tread 2 timepieces are on their way to retailers now. Over 300 preorders were taken for the Tread 2 at Baselworld 2013, and the new Devon Works lab in Pasadena is running at full steam in order to fulfill these orders.
While the Tread 2 uses DEVON's distinctive Time Belt movement, it presents a sleek and uniquely refined visage that's sure to appeal to a very broad audience. The Tread 2's hybrid system runs on a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that can power the movement for up to 28 days, or four full weeks of constant running. And when recharging is necessary, simply placing the Tread 2 on its charging cradle for a few hours is all that's needed

Courtesy of DEVON

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