Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Further Thoughts on Obsession

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
They say that it is not healthy to dwell on the things that you do not have.

Well, I say that is a nice and healthy approach to life, and someday I might be enlightened enough to embrace it ; )

So yet again, it seems that Angular Momentum is competing with the Sandman ; )

But mere struggling everyman that I am, I find myself still longing for a few things.  Martin Pauli's contemplation in red, the Splendor Sangre, is one of those (I suppose) unhealthy desires that tends to haunt me.  In fairness, it is not a tourbillon.  It does not give multiple timezones, no chronograph function, does not even have a second hand.

It is pretty straightforward, and basic.  But ONE AGAIN we see that basic is in many ways a wonderful bit of praise to give a watch.  It is straightforward - hours and minutes.  Nothing else.  Well, maybe a bit more - a deep red.  The color of passion.  And you feel it.

Someday - hopefully not too long from now....

Splendor Sangre

42 mm Three-body, 1.4435NcU mirror polished "Staybrite" steel case.  

Single curved sapphire crystal,  fire red lacquered dial with polished "B√Ęton" indexes. 

Historical hand-winding movement.

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