Monday, October 21, 2013

Safe and Secure - 15 Days with the Officer's Chronograph

A watch is truly the sum of many smaller things coming together.
The Bell & Ross Officer's Chronograph is a beautiful, highly functional chronograph.  But the true strength of this watch can be found in its many details.
 The clasp is well designed and executed.  A butterfly clasp that is smoothly finished and comfortable on the wrist.  Far too many deployment clasps are bulky, sharp-edged and really make the watch very uncomfortable to wear.  But the clasp of the Bell & Ross has been a true pleasure.
 The leather strap is very, very comfortable and ideally matched to the watch and clasp.
 The finish work is very, very good with smoothly finished stitching.  First class!
Far too often a watch fails on the strap and/or clasp.  But in this instance Bell & Ross have done the business!

And now that we are approaching the end of our time together, I will update you that the timekeeping has remained bang on.

One more day to go - stay tuned!

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