Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Big Day for the "Bel" of the Ball

Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Bruno Belamich, creative Director of Bell & Ross, received the prestigious commendation of Knight of the French Legion of Honor
from General Baptiste, Director of the Musée de l’Armée.
The creative side of Bell & Ross had the place of honor this evening, one year to the day when Carlos Rosillo, CEO of Bell & Ross received this prestigious reward.

The emotional moment shared by friends and family was followed by the presentation of the new Bell & Ross Collection.  More especially, the brand showcased the Vintage Sport Heritage Collection, a tribute to the civil aviation of the 1960’s, and the Vintage Falcon, an anniversary watch created for the Dassault company.

The award ceremony of the French Legion of Honor and the presentation of the new collection inspired by the military history became all the more meaningful in the setting: The Hôtel National des Invalides, an emblematic military site full of history, was the perfect venue for this memorable night. 

Travelling back in time, Napoléon, founder of the first National Order, lies under the golden dome of the Invalides. At his request, the first Legion of Honor ceremony took place at the Invalides, on July 15th 1804. For the occasion, The Emperor himself decorated all the nominees, among them representatives of the industrial sector. He believed that a long lasting military power could only exist thanks to a solid economic situation.

Almost 800 guests were present at this year’s event, among them influential media figures, military representatives, professional pilots, politicians, and watchmaking industry leaders.  All share their common passion for timepieces.   Distinguished attendees included Minister Frédéric Lefebvre; General Bertrand Ract Madoux, Chief of Staff of the Army; Generals: Stéphane ABRIAL, Hervé LONGUET, Vincent LANATA; Colonel Jack Krine, Mr. Helmut Sinn, and Mr. Alain WERTHEIMER.  Many pilots, students of the War School, representatives of the Special Force, of the RAID and of the Marine were also in attendance.

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