Wednesday, October 16, 2013

15 Days with the Bell & Ross Officer's Chronograph - Enjoy Your Surroundings!

I sometimes think that as watch fans we have lost the plot.

When asked about a watch, our first thoughts go to "what's the movement?"  If it wasn't conceived by one man, each part assembled from "unobtainium" adjusted by NASA technicians, and polished by the tears of Arcadian nymphs... apparently it's crap ; )

Well the movement of the Officer's Chronograph is quite good!  But today I want to talk about the "body" that holds the heart.  The case of the Officer's Chronograph is indeed special.

The case is extremely well balanced.  The finish is beyond first rate.  The lines are true, the curves still gentle and forgiving on the wrist.

A case, the crown and the pushers... we take these things for granted.  But think about it pals and gals - this is the ONE part of the watch that you are in the most direct contact with.

The case is (apart from my smudge marks) beautifully executed.  The lugs slope nicely around the wrist.  The crown is tactile and very, very nice to use.  And the push-pieces work smoothly and precisely.

I am now well into the second week, and sadly already regretfully counting the days until it needs fly back to it's home base.  Stay tuned!

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