Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vulcain - MIA

"We are reorganizing..."

How often do I get email messages like this?  Quite often, actually.

In the case of Vulcain, I have NOT received such a message, but the word around the campfire is that this is what is happening at Vulcain behind the scenes right now.

Following and appreciating the "reborn" Vulcain is not unlike being a Cleveland Indians fan (for those of you in England, it is not unlike supporting the England world cup squads).  So much potential, always on the verge, and always "bottling out" in the end.

I can already hear the consultants and "brand experts" around the tables now:

"We need to re-position in the luxury sector"

"We need celebrity ambassadors"

"We need ...."

And in all honesty, it is clear that they have had NO IDEA of what they needed to do or how to do it.  Nor have their partners.

What's wrong with Vulcain?

Very simple, a lack of understanding of WHAT Vulcain is, and WHO the Vulcain customer is.

Make it simple:
Mechanical Alarm Watches
Watch of the Presidents
Realistic Pricing - PUNCH YOUR WEIGHT!  Sell thousands of reasonably priced watches, instead of NOT selling very many over priced watches at all,  grey market not withstanding.

Vulcain, I WANT to have faith.  Finger's crossed that the third time's the charm.  I am pulling for you!

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