Monday, September 16, 2013

The Experiment Continues - Taking a Dark Turn...

This just in from the folks behind C3H5N3O9 -
Courtesy of C3H5N3O9

When C3H5N3O9 - the molecular formula for nitroglycerine - launched Experiment ZR012 last year, nobody, including MB&F  and Urwerk, the partners behind the project, had any idea of what might happen.  

C3H5N3O9 was (and is) an experiment in  the real sense of the word and nothing similar had been attempted before.  As it turned out, the experiment was a fantastic success and the reception (and demand) was beyond all expectations.

Courtesy of C3H5N3O9

This year Experiment ZR012 is back with a 12 piece limited edition in black available exclusively from The Hour Glass in Singapore.

Experiment ZR012 Black will be on display to the public for the first time at the 'Super Machines and Horological Heroes' exhibition organised by the Hour Glass, running 18-30 September in the main atrium of the Paragon Center, Singapore.

Courtesy of C3H5N3O9
Experiment ZR012 Black features Wankel engine inspired hour and minute indications in an asymmetrical blackened zirconium case with articulated compound lugs.

At first glance, the time appears to be indicated by centrally rotating triangular rotors; however, the triangles are actually Reuleaux polygons, which rotate eccentrically, tracking complex epitrochroid curves rather than circles. The system was inspired by the Wankel orbital engine, which features orbital Reuleaux polygon rotors rather than the reciprocating pistons powering the majority of our cars and machines today.

C3H5N3O9 is a developmental platform created by Felix Baumgartner, Martin Frei, Maximilian Büsser and Serge Kriknoff to experiment with concepts, ideas and creations free of the inherent limitations and constraints of a luxury brand.

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  1. Wow! What a great concept. Any word on availability and pricing?