Thursday, September 5, 2013


This just in from JEANRICHARD

Time to ride on the wave of experience

Swiss watchmaker JEANRICHARD is proud to support the Kind Surf Foundation. Established by international model Almudena Fernandez, Kind Surf is an NGO that brings together leading figures from the worlds of sport, fashion, art and culture, who through surfing and environmental education, help disadvantaged young people. The foundation aims to make surfing a tool of social cohesion and a therapy. Concurrently, JEANRICHARD creates watches for those who display the courage to take a stand, free spirits living their lives to the fullest and finding their very own Philosophy of Life, savouring every moment and rejoicing at every opportunity to excel.


Following the founder Daniel Jeanrichard’s approach of passing on know-how and fostering
young talents since the 17th century, JEANRICHARD’s association with Kind Surf is built
on these strong common values that help people, and especially young ones, facing and
overcoming everyday challenges:


“Frequently, we face situations that demand confidence in ourselves. The time to take any decision – and in terms of surfing – the time to choose the appropriate wave”, said Bruno Grande, COO of JEANRICHARD. “Together with Kind Surf, we want to help reach children in disadvantaged situations, without resources or with physical or mental disabilities with a message of hope. Surf is like a lesson for young people, when choosing the wave, choosing the right timing and having confidence in themselves, being brave and persistent – much like in any everyday situation.


“As no wave is the same, you become more creative and dynamic. Surfing serves as a therapy, helping young people strengthen their own initiative and decision-making capacity”, Kind Surf Founder and President Almudena Fernandez said. This is also very much in line with JEANRICHARD’s values and Philosophy of Life: “We are excited to work with such a strong partner to help the youth who are placed at a disadvantage and with time provide them the necessary support to ease their personal growth and foster self-belief – or as JEANRICHARD would say: live their lives to the fullest.”

Her wave of experiences while working and travelling around the world has led Fernandez to establish Kind Surf back in 2013 with the goal of introducing a project that not only allows disadvantaged youth to practice surfing, while helping them to make the very best out of every opportunity, but also encourage them to think about their responsibilities towards the environment around them: earth, water and air - all of our elements, to which we have added the fire of passion and which in turn also inspire the collections Terrascope, Aquascope, Aeroscope and 1681 of JEANRICHARD and reflect the spirit of the brand.

To officially launch the partnership, Kind Surf presented together with JEANRICHARD a two day event in Zarautz in Spain from 29 to 30 August 2013. During these two days spend at the local beach, several activities took place for the children present – ranging from surfing, to cleaning the beach or painting – which has lead to the participants’ works now being exhibited at the Balenciaga museum close to Zarautz.



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