Thursday, September 5, 2013


Is clearly Kryptonite to common sense.  Why do so many seemingly bright people keep throwing their money away on this?  


  1. Would you care to elaborate a bit? I dont own an Invicta and to be honest before this phrase i hadnt looked at them closely. After a quick look at their website it looks to me like they are in the same range as Festina, Big bling bling design for people that dont know better.

  2. The only thing that separates Invicta from say...Kenneth Cole watches (no disrespect for the comparison, Kenneth Cole) is that both are fashion watches, but only one (INVICTA) attempts to play up pseudo-horology. It comes across as an attempt to get one over on an unknowing consumer. This creates a knowledge gap: perceived quality and value vs acutal quality and value. More importantly, they are spending money on something that will invariably not withstand the test of time (pun most definitely intended), and certainly miss the fact that a decently built, properly maintained mechanical Seiko will outlive 100 Invictas, even if they were bought consecutively following a failure.