Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Delta Indigenous People - Sami

Did I mention that I used to live in Finland?

Courtesy of Goldspot

This is from Delta's Indigenous People collection and was created in honor of the Sami people who live in the very far northern reaches of Finland, Sweden and Norway.  Or as I often refer to it - Lapland.

My father was a pen fanatic.  When he died unexpectedly, Wendy and I spent the better part of an afternoon going through his office, uncovering a cache of extremely expensive roller ball and ball point pens.  Parker, Mont Blanc, Waterman, and enough Pelikans to re-populate the species should we ever encounter the ultimate calamity.  What struck me was the mischievous way that he had hid them.  Yes, he had his "current" collection in his desk from which I got the Pelikan Athens roller ball, but there were countless other beauties that he had stashed in drawers and cardboard boxes.  His wife, my stepmother, had made it abundantly clear to him that although he wasn't buying crack, he was on a "slippery slope".

So the majority of that "flock of Pelikans" now resides here in "Casa de Henki", but I feel a bit sad sometimes to think about it.  And to that end I thought I'd share one of my personal favorites.  And before you ask - NO - it's not an Edelberg and it's not a Pelikan - you have to have SOME variety, right?

So this is what I would have bought as a "father and son" item - ball point for him, fountain pen for me.
The Delta Sami - it is PERFECTION.  So pennies are being carefully set aside - and if and when I get to own one of these wondrous pieces - I will use it proudly, and NOT consign it to an old shoe box hidden in back of a file cabinet!

So to all you lovers of "stuff" out there - be it pens, cuff links, watches - hell, even salt and pepper shakers - ENJOY THEM!  Revel in them!  So long as they were bought and paid for - who cares?

And to the good folks at Delta - thank you for making this, and be prepared for my order!

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