Thursday, August 29, 2013

JEANRICHARD and Racing Metro 92

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JEANRICHARD is  the “official watch” of the famous Paris rugby club. This partnership
highlights a common Philosophy of Life, one of passion and constantly raising the bar.

Dynamism, authenticity, teamwork, fair play; rugby is more than just a high-impact sport. It is an art of living - especially when playing in the sky-blue-and-white colors of Racing Metro 92.

Founded in 1882, the club from Hauts-de-Seine was one of the pioneers of rugby in France and has been one of the major players in French rugby for over 130 years. It has also provided many players, including some leading figures, to France’s national rugby team. Five times national champion, it has
now decided to infuse new life into the legendary club and has brought about a remarkable turnaround in just a few seasons.

Known for its sportsmanship and very distinctive style (including the famous sky-blue-and-white striped shirt), Racing Metro 92 also attaches great importance to fostering young talents and training. In addition to the main professional team and the original rugby school in Colombes, two new
schools in Plessis-Robinson and Nanterre are maintained, complemented by an academy for the team’s best talents and a state-of-the-art training center including a private school. Its motto is: “train men”; that is to say educate the next generation in the sporting basics of rugby, but also the values underlying the philosophy – enjoyment of the game, the nobility of hard work, fighting spirit, ambition, humility, solidarity, respect for the rules and for the opponent.

This concern to pass on the ball echoes Daniel Jeanrichard’s approach.  Founder of the Neuchâtel watch industry in the late seventeenth century, this pioneer was also careful to hand down the knowledge and the spirit of excellence to future generations, and played an important role in setting up an apprenticeship system that is active to this day.
“A rich past, a promising future, a beautiful Philosophy of Life: JEANRICHARD and Racing Metro 92 have much in common,” enthuses Bruno Grande, COO of the Swiss firm. “Our brand, in the throes of a revival, and this legendary club, now back at the top, share the same values – such as the taste for challenge, team spirit and the desire to live life to the fullest, making the most of every moment. "Racingmen" are just like the JEANRICHARD men: 
Everyday heroes who do extraordinary things. Lovers of explorations and discoveries, ready to conquer the world.”
 As the “Official Watch” of Racing Metro 92, JEANRICHARD will be an active partner of this outstanding rugby team.



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