Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strapping Up the Alpina Pilot Heritage

We've gone into extra time with Alpina's Pilot Heritage!
But time waits for no man (or watch review) so the final three days begin now!

Today's topic is on the strap and buckle.  And this is one area where I think Alpina got things VERY RIGHT!  In a time where everywhere you look there is a HUGE, dare I say "Manly" watch strap (i.e. 24 or even 26 mm lug width), which after a while is like the 58 year old man driving the convertible with the gold chains dangling out of his open shirt; age inappropriate, bikini-clad passenger riding "shot-gun".  It's just too much!  With a watch boasting a case size of 50 mm, it would be tempting to "go big or go home" in terms of the strap, but Alpina have shown real restraint here.  They keep in mind the design brief - that this is a watch based on a historic design.  To that end, they have gone with a strap boasting a 22 mm lug width, with a tapering buckle end.

Courtesy of Alpina
But as you can see, the size fits!  It is balanced and in proportion.

And not just the strap, but the buckle showed a great twist -

A two-part buckle, eliminating the need for a second leather loop!  It's the little details that combine to make a great watch - and this is just one example.

With two more days to go, the time keeping has remained solid at a current +6 seconds per day.

We wrap it up on Friday, stay tuned!

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