Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RGM's Caliber 20

This just in from RGM -

Courtesy of RGM
 The response to RGM’s announcement of our third in-house movement, Caliber 20, has been strong and positive.  We’re glad to say that the first completed watches are already coming out of Mount Joy. The first example to be shipped from RGM’s workshop (pictured) was a custom order, and features some very special components such as a platinum case, solid rose gold guilloche dial, and moon discs of mother-of-pearl.

Created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of RGM Watch Company, this milestone movement incorporates many elements that recall the finest products from the heyday of American watchmaking:  the barrel-shape of the movement, the delicately curved bridges, and the smooth operation of the motor barrel.  It carries on the traditions of History in the Watchmaking-- a concept dear to RGM

The visual cues found in all three of our in-house movements recall benchmark creations from the likes of Hamilton and Edward Howard. Our use of multi-toothed clicks, jeweled barrels and the “secometer”-style seconds display should signal to the initiated that RGM is serious about honoring the American traditions, though such features are intended to captivate all aficionados of fine watchmaking.
Courtesy of RGM
As much as we wish to celebrate the past, we are serious also about advancing the cause of American watchmaking. This can be seen with an examination of the Caliber 20’s moonphase construction. The most frequently seen type of moonphase display is based on a 29-tooth wheel which is inaccurate enough in a 29.5-day cycle that it will need to be adjusted several times yearly. The Caliber 20 moonphase is constructed such that, if kept running, the accumulation of a similar error would require 120 years.

It is gratifying for us to have received such excellent support from our customers and fans—so much so that the waiting list for Cal. 20 watches is larger than we anticipated.  We want to assure you that all appropriate care is being taken to fulfill the orders with the highest quality and least delay possible.

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