Saturday, June 8, 2013

Memories of Summers' Past

Courtesy of Jaermann & Stübi
Growing up as I did, summers for a long time meant work, and work meant the country club.
Polishing  shoes, cleaning the locker room.  This was a step up from slogging two golf bags around 18 holes in the noon-day heat.  Ohio is not the tropics, but provided the kind of humidity that I've seldom experienced since outside of Tokyo, and an ill-advised June business trip to Vietnam.

Now keep in mind, this was a private country club, members (and their guests only).  So each member had their own locker.  And as they were worried about damaging their very expensive watches, they were locked up.  A pity Messrs. Jaermann & Stübi had not yet struck upon the concept of a "shock proof" golfing watch.  This might have spared everyone the embarrassing episode of theft that was discovered when a "well-respected" member was found to be the culprit in a long-running series of thefts from the locker room which was discovered when he tried to sell a purloined Rolex to one of my co-workers in the parking lot.  But that is another story...

Years later I found myself in another summer job that was not too far from the world of golf, teaching English at the University of St. Andrews for four consecutive summers, so I must say that the 

St Andrews Links ST1 stirs memories of summers' past, and I remain hopeful that now that well-heeled golfers can wear a high quality mechanical watch, the risk of country-club watch theft will become a thing of the past!

Courtesy of Jaermann & Stübi
Here are the details -

Stainless steel with brushed and polished finish built-in shock absorber for movement and complication, back with 8 screws and engravings, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, rotating bezel with ceramic ball bearings for handicap comparison.

Automatic, mechanical, Caliber A10, 25 jewels, Incablock, 4 Hz/28,800 alternations/hour, 42-hour power reserve.

Patented mechanical golf counter JS02, 3 different counter work (one retrograde), ceramic ball bearing, 4 jewels.

Hours, minutes, large second, strokes per hole, total score, holes played, handicap comparison.

100 Meters

Rubber or leather with contrasting stitching, inner band with moisture-absorbing leather.

44 mm

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