Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy 2014 - A Bit Early

I love weekends!  Particularly because quite often Martin Pauli, the man behind Angular Momentum sends the announcements for his latest creations on Saturdays and Sundays.
Courtesy of Angular Momentum

This is the Furious Horse.  A fantastic Souscription timekeeper, the Furious Horse bears all the hallmarks of Martin Pauli's many talents.  

For the Furious Horse, Angular Momentum has literally painted the underside of the watch crystal.  Verre Églomisé is a technique that Martin Pauli developed back in 2004, a method for essentially painting miniature images on the reverse of a sapphire crystal.  This technique lends itself perfectly to the the Furious Horse.  As this is (essentially) a digital watch, an aperture displays the time by means of an "hour disk" providing the hour, the quarter hour and 5 minute intervals.

A 41.7 mm case, crafted of "Staybrite" stainless steel houses the mini masterpiece that is the Verre Églomisé depiction of the proud horse.  The back of the watch displays the symbols of the Chinese Zodiac with the exception of the horse, which of course is on the watch face.  In its place, Martin Pauli has placed a diamond - fitting as the horse is the star of this particular piece, and is the Chinese Zodiac symbol for  2014.

A 17 jewel, hand-winding FHF 72 movement is at the heart of the Furious Horse providing up to 48 hours of power reserve.  The revolving hour disk is fashioned from solid mother of pearl.


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