Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Commitment - Sarpaneva

Courtesy of Sarpaneva
There are very few overnight sensations...
I think one of the things that is most compelling about some watch enterprises is the vision and commitment of the people behind the brand.  We often see the end result, not taking into account all of the work and effort that went into it.

Those of us who cover this stuff have somewhat short-term memories.  We blink and bat our eyelashes and can't imagine how some of the talented watch makers out there seem to have "popped-up" out of nowhere...  we tend to forget that in fact these folks were working away for years, honing their craft, building their following.

And I mean no offense to SWATCH, Richemont, PPR and LVMH - you have fine brands that make fine things.  But when I REALLY think about the folks out there putting it out there - I think of people like Stepan Sarpaneva.

It is never easy, even if you work for a large firm with deep pockets.  But it is even more difficult, challenging and impressive when you work mostly on your own.

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