Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bell & Ross Clock Restoration

Courtesy of Bell & Ross
This just in from Bell & Ross  -

Bell & Ross sponsors monumental clock renovation of the Bourget Museum of Air and Space
Here's the scoop straight from Bell & Ross -
On June 3rd, France’s minister of Defense Jean-Yves le Drian presided over the inauguration of the newly restored Eight Columns Room at the Bourget Air and Space Museum. This Art Deco jewel was originally designed for the Universal Exhibition in 1937 and is now reopened to the public with two powerful symbols: the entrance of the Museum is graced with three Fouga Magister, famous aircrafts of the “Patrouille de France” and emblem of the Museum, and a the newly restored clock, thanks to the sponsorship of Bell & Ross.
Inspired by the history of the aviation, Bell & Ross designs watches that pay tribute to key episodes in aviation history and to the technological advances from 1900 to today. It was only natural for the watch brand to make a contribution to this beautiful project.
Courtesy of Bell & Ross
The monumental clock, which was originally decorating the Eight Columns Room suffered destruction during the Second World War. The clock was emblematic to the Bourget Airport because of its size and of the other twelve clocks encircling it, displaying different time zones around the world that captured the imagination of generations of travelers.
The inauguration, a partnership between Bell & Ross and the Jet Services Aviation Group, was crowned by the “Patrouille de France” fly-by over the Museum.
Many guests delighted in the fact that they found themselves in a space where the spirit of aviation runs high: aviation heroes Charles Lindbergh, Costes and Bellonte, Antoine de Saint Exupéry walked on the tarmac of Le Bourget many a time.

Bell & Ross is proud to participate in the restoration of the French aviation heritage and to be able to give a second life to a symbol of its history.

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