Friday, June 21, 2013

Alpina Pilot Heritage Under the Hood

In a time where just about everyone throws a watch at you with a display back (in many instances because the watch case is less expensive to manufacture that way), Alpina actually does something nicer, better, and dare I say it, more authentic!

At first blush, it looks like any other pilot's watch.  But note the small button at 4 o'clock.  Yes, a button.  Push it in and it releases the back of the watch case.
And there it is, the size appropriate manually winding movement.  The half-hunter case then closes back up to protect the display back.

The movement is described by Alpina as the caliber AL-435.  Safe to assume based on the ETA 6498.  There is some detail work on the movement itself, but nothing crazy - and in fairness, that is what you SHOULD expect from Alpina.  Nothing too elaborate.

17 jewels - and beating at 18,800 vibrations/hour, the movement is rated at 46 hours of power reserve.  I took two days off with the watch wound on my desk to confirm this power-reserve rating - and just it was slightly north of 46 hours for me, your mileage may vary.

The timekeeping has been strong with +6 seconds over the first week.

And back to the case itself.  Unlike a few modern half-hunters I have seen out there, the clasp closes and releases with very reassuring clicks.  The action is smooth and solid, nothing flimsy or half-way about it.

Halfway done, so far so good!

Stay tuned!

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  1. They had me until I realized it was 50mm ???

    Strap it to my leg maybe...